We are

An Innovation agency that Rises by Lifting Others.

Welcome to Esterox! We are an Armenian software development company working on your team from another place. We are based in Yerevan, Armenia, which is the land of outstanding IT people, engineers, innovators, thinkers. Your success is our success and we do our best for it. We’ll help you collect, store, retrieve, sort, graph, and manipulate the data and use it. By identifying new opportunities with our complex web/mobile apps with large databases and supporting analytics, you will have a unique, attractive, best-designed project & dynamic, personalized and engaging websites, etc.

Our Values

Christian values stand at the core of our company. Hence, all we do with firm faith and love. We create a better world and a better society through software. Shaping our team we always strive to select the best of the best. Nowdays esterox is a team of vibrant and determined IT professionals as hardworking as ants, who can bring to life your any ideas. We are all good friends and we create that friendly atmosphere between us and our clients, too, which results in an effective and long-term cooperation.

Our Team


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