Support and Maintenance

Esterox offers support and maintenance services to assist individuals and organizations to ensure that the projects stay up-to-date, secure and run smoothly.

Our Support And Maintenance Services

  • Periodic software updates and bug fixes to maintain top performance of your web or mobile application
  • Monitoring security and evaluating vulnerabilities to defend against possible threats
  • Planning for data backup and disaster recovery can guarantee that the sensitive information is protected.
  • Performance optimisation and monitoring to guarantee that your website or mobile application runs smoothly and is usable by everyone
  • Support and troubleshooting for users to help them with any problems they run across when using your product
  • Addition of new features once market demands change

The services provide you the peace of mind that your digital goods are in capable hands throughout your IT journey. We offer extended support to make sure your software products are reliable, functional, and secure so you can concentrate on your main lines of business. Our services are intended to decrease risk, increase overall product quality, and limit downtime for your digital goods. Our staff is committed to offering responsive customer service and support, and we specialise in providing our clients with high-quality support and maintenance solutions made specifically to address your requirements. Reach out to our team of professionals to secure the sustainable success of your project and receive the assistance you need.

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What will you get?

Here's what:
  • Confidence that experienced specialists are overseeing and maintaining your project.
  • Frequent software updates and bug fixes to guarantee the best performance and security.
  • Quick troubleshooting and solution of any potential problems.
  • Constant performance monitoring and improvement to guarantee that every user can access and utilise your website or mobile application.
  • Safety and security of sensitive data by executing backups and planning for data recovery
  • A dedicated support team for any queries or issues.
  • Seamless resumption of project’s functionality after adding new features or a fresh iteration of the product.

The process that is proven effective in numerous projects


Initial Assessment

To find any possible problems and places for improvement, we will thoroughly evaluate your product.

Maintenance Plan

With your input, we will create a specific maintenance strategy that fits within your project requirements. This strategy will consist of recurring software upgrades, bug fixes, security monitoring, and performance enhancement.


We will put the maintenance plan into action and start routinely checking and maintaining your product.


Your web or mobile app will be regularly monitored by us to make sure everything is operating normally and to spot and resolve any potential problems.


If any problems are found, our support team will diagnose and fix them right away to limit any inconvenience to your users.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

To make sure that your crucial information is safe and secure, we periodically back up the data and have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Communication and Reporting

To keep you updated on any issues that have been fixed, we will provide you frequent reports through preferred communication channels

Estimate and Implement New Features

We develop, estimate, and implement as soon as possible to meet client and market demands when it becomes necessary to update anything or add new features.

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Educonnex, a part of Country Net Solutions, is a student-centric, school-wide platform crafted to integrate, enable, automate, and streamline the school environment for the entire school community based in Australia. The company addresses each of the areas of functional processes required by schools as a part of day-to-day operations.

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