Mobile App Development

We bring first-grade mobile app development services to support companies and individuals in realizing their holistic ideas.

Our Mobile Applications Development Services

  • Custom mobile app design and user experience
  • Cross-platform app development for iOS and Android using the latest technologies
  • Integration with backend systems and APIs
  • Maintenance and updates

We are dedicated to providing a solution that will assist you in achieving your goals. We realize that developing cross-platform mobile applications is an investment in your company. Throughout the entire development process, from original planning and design to final deployment and continuous maintenance, our team is committed to offering end-to-end client service and support. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced cross-platform mobile app development company that will take your business to the next level, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Let us guide you through your IT journey to develop a mobile app that will have a lasting effect.

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What other neat perks you get when partnering up with us?

You receive:
  • A polished and efficient custom mobile application that satisfies your unique company requirements and objectives
  • Enhanced data management and analysis capabilities
  • Customer satisfaction through an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application design
  • Competitive edge through up-to-date mobile technologies
  • A scalable and versatile mobile application that can expand as your business grows
  • Help in obtaining Google Play Market and AppStore approval

We use React Native for custom mobile app development

Here's why:
  • React Native helps developers save time and resources by creating code once and running it on both iOS and Android devices.
  • React Native utilizes native components, producing performance that is equivalent to that of ordinary native apps.
  • Developers can use device-specific features in their apps as React Native provides access to native APIs
  • The hot reloading feature of React Native makes it possible for developers to view changes they make in real-time, accelerating and streamlining the development process.

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We’ve developed a tried-and-true process to ensure the utmost benefit for your business


Gathering Requirements

Analyzing the market, the project’s goals, working with the customer to understand their specific objectives, and taking into consideration any limitations.

Planning and Design

Creating a mockup is to examine the layout and user flow as part of organizing and creating the solution.


Developing a mobile app that meets the safety standards, is scalable, and maintainable using SOUD principles.

Testing and Security Check

The application must pass crucial tests and debugging procedures to be working properly and safe before going live.


Submitting it to Apple App Store and Google Play Store, ensuring that the app meets the technical and content requirements of the app stores.

Maintenance and Updates

Bug fixes, updates, and optimization are performed in order to maintain functionality and keep up with new developments in technology and security protocols.

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Related Projects


Created by Esterox, the ArmChurch project aims to connect Armenian Apostolic Christian believers, priests, and churches on a single platform. The mobile application provides followers all the information they need to know about the Armenian Apostolic Saint Church and keep them up to date on events and liturgies. The platform includes the Bible of different translations with annotations of every verse. The platform makes it easier to create a digital community around the church, letting users communicate with the clergy, schedule a date for a ritual, and more.

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Worky is a time and resource optimization tool developed by Esterox. The tool enhances data-driven decision making, productivity, and collaboration by highlighting the time spent on tasks and projects. It is useful for almost every type of team to monitor and arrange everyday work: the time spent on each task or meeting, their activity, and statistical data for a certain period. The app allows creating reports on finances, users, projects, and team levels.

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PicSnippets is an application that allows users to create personalized images with custom fields that can be filled in with text, images, and even videos. It’s a marketing tool that can be used to create custom and personalized content for existing email, text, messenger, and sales campaigns. The app provides users with a range of pre-made templates to choose from and allows them to customize them with their own text, images, and branding elements. PicSnippets can be used by individuals, small businesses, and marketing teams to create engaging and visually appealing content that resonates with their target audience.

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