Esterox provides expert project management services to assist individuals and businesses of any size in efficiently planning, carrying out, and completing their projects on schedule and within their allocated budgets.

Our Project Management Services

  • Project planning and scope definition
  • Resource management and allocation
  • Cost and budget management
  • Assessment and control of risks
  • Agile project management frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban

Every project is unique. That’s is why we utilize specialized methods of agile project management that are designed to satisfy the unique requirements of each customer. Our team of skilled project managers works directly with our customers to ensure the effective delivery of their projects, and we have a thorough understanding of the most recent project management technologies and methods. The project management services are intended to assist you in achieving your objectives, reducing risks, and completing projects on schedule. Our team has a impressive portfolio of successful projects for our clients and is committed to provide outstanding customer care and support throughout the entire project lifetime. If you’re seeking reliable and experienced project managers to guide you through your IT journey, drop us a message and let’s arrange short call!

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How will our project management services benefit your project

Here's how:
  • Structured project management process to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Estimates and progress reports that lead to defined expectations
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication between stakeholders and project team
  • Primary communication bridge between the development team and the client
  • Risk management and evaluation to reduce potential disputes and delays
  • Flexible and scalable project management methodology that may be used for a wide range of projects
  • Successfully completed project that is delivered on schedule and on budget

Our flexible Agile project management process

Our effective methodology is based on an incremental, adaptive process that works jointly with conventional project management techniques in order to deliver the maximum value.


Identifying Requirements and Developing a Plan

Creating a project plan that is in line with your aims and those of your business, and then prioritizing the project’s requirements accordingly.

Resource Allocation and Management

The next stage after creating the project plan is allocating and overseeing the resources required to finish the project. Resources such as financial resources, human resources, and other resources may be involved.

Iterative Development

Agile project management uses an iterative development process where work is broken down into “sprints.” Delivering a functional product and finishing a predetermined requirements for each sprint.

Test and Validation

It is crucial to test and validate the output from each sprint to make sure it satisfies the project’s requirements and objectives.

Review and Iterate

Retrospectively, it is essential to evaluate the project’s progress after each sprint and make any necessary improvements in the workflow.

Continuous Improvement

We guarantee ongoing improvements and persistent flexibility to your needs and market shifts.