Tips For Web Developers to be successful in 2020

Tips For Web Developers to be successful in 2020

In 2020 there’s a lot to learn and master. Here are the tips that can help you in your career as a web developer in 2020. 

1. Understand the concepts of the Git
Knowing the essential commands is good, but try to understand the hidden concepts too.

2. Study the concepts of clean code
Understanding the clean code concepts encourages you to produce better, more readable code without failures.

3. Make a portfolio site
If you want to be hired by employers and clients you should build a portfolio site for others to see your abilities.

4. Find your first freelance job
Follow carefully at web platforms that offer project opportunities, contact recruiters, go to community events and conferences, or see if your employer might want to hire you as a freelancer.

5. Study the JS fundamentals and at least one big framework
JavaScript runs the web. And it will probably still be around while frameworks like React and Vue powered web applications. Even Facebook, Google, and Airbnb use them. So, as a front end developer, you should learn at least one big framework
6. Try to move to a senior position
In some companies, it takes 3-4 years in the other 8-10 years to become a senior developer. But besides experience, it’s necessary to have soft skills like excellent communication skills.

7. Teach junior developers
In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn. If you’ve learned a new programming language, feature, or technology, share your knowledge with others, without being bossy, and you will be master in it.

8. Leave an unsatisfying job
If you have an unstimulating job or have a toxic boss, search for other job opportunities. Your talent is too good to be wasted in a false place. Look for someone who can value you and your skills and can motivate you to go further.

9. Support open-source projects
You can support communities and practice programming in real environments, and add it to your portfolio. 

10. Learn GraphQL concepts
For years RESTful APIs have been the de facto standard for web development. But in a Rest API, for you to fetch or retrieve data from a server, you need to end up making requests to multiple endpoints. That's why you should use  Facebook’s GraphQL to have only one endpoint with which you can access data on a server and more. For that and more you should definitely try to learn the concepts behind it.

11. Do programming with pairs 
Pair programming is the best way to learn and share knowledge between developers. You can learn from more experienced programmers, or you teach junior programmers. In both ways, you are getting more experienced. 

12. Give the biggest attention to problem-solving
One thing that makes a programmer gain a higher level is the ability to focus on solutions rather than problems. Always look for ways to overcome challenges.

13. Learn how to debug your code
Coding without bugs almost impossible, there will always be bugs or errors. But to find and fix them, you should know how to debug the code.

14. Learn from your failures
Even senior developers make a lot of mistakes but it's very important to learn from your mistakes in order to grow. 

15. Always test the code you have written
Almost all clients expect you to test your code. And even if they don’t require you should do it for you to be sure that everything is ok.

16. If you need help, just ask
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Of course, it’s very important to try something on your own before asking someone for help. But if you’re stuck, reach out to someone who can help you.

17. Participate in a technical conference
Participating in a technical conference is a great way to get informed about new technologies.

18. Try to be on top in this changing world of technologies
If you want to keep going with the fast-changing technology world, you should constantly learn and improve your skills. Read blog posts and books, watch videos, subscribe to newsletters, participate in courses and conferences. There are so many possibilities.

19. Be open for changes
Nothing is constant. No technology, no framework, no library. You have to be flexible to succeed in this industry.

20. Never give up!!!
​Everyone struggles sometimes — some more, some less. There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting. You can do it! Esterox is with you!